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Welcome to this Dubai Metro Information website. The Dubai Metro is one of the few driverless passenger trains in the world and was completed over the period of about 4 years after the plan to improve public transport in Dubai. The road networks were getting clogged up and something needed to be done and the Dubai Metro is a clean and efficient modern transport system that is still expanding in the Emirate.

The Dubai Metro has been a great success and since it was launched has seen a continual increase in the number of passengers that use it each year. Currently there are two lines – the green line and the red line, but plans to build more lines are afoot and also to extend the existing lines further out to large residential areas of Dubai that would make great use of it.

If you are planning on using the Dubai metro either as a resident or a visitor then check out the rules and regulations, the ticket prices and the station information here. You can find out the latest news and information on the Blog.

This website was set up by myself shortly before the Dubai Metro itself opened on 9 September 2009. The RTA had not set up a website with any information on about the Dubai metro and so it was up to people like myself to fill the gap and supply the public with information about the Dubai Metro.

Since then, this website, the Dubai Metro blog and the twitter account have continued to give Dubai Metro information on a free basis, using my own time and effort. In this respect I apologise in advance if you do not find the information that you need here.  I have tried to accumulate as much Dubai Metro information as I can but it is often very difficult to get to the facts as these are not always released to the public by the RTA and often decisions about the opening hours of the Dubai Metro are not made public until the last minute.

Please take a look at the information on the website and hopefully you can find what you are looking for. If you are interested in occasional news and information about the Dubai metro then please follow my twitter account at http://www.twitter.com/DubaiMetro_me or look out for the #DubaiMetro tag.