Work Started on Dubai Mall Walkway

Work is well underway on the construction of the walkway that will link the Dubai Mall with the Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa Metro station nearby. At the moment the station is a kilometer or so away from the Mall and passengers are required to take a bus to get there. Once the walkway is built there will be a route directly to the Mall from the station that is under cover and air conditioned and it is expected that this will encourage more people to enter the mall from the Metro station.

Work is expected to be complete on the walkway by 2013.

2 thoughts on “Work Started on Dubai Mall Walkway”

  1. Please I have been trying to contact the office of the company that construct this monorails in Dubai but it has not been easy for me, please can u help me to locate their office here in Dubai because I want to give them work . please urgently

    1. Hi Chris sorry I can’t help you, maybe if you try searching the website you will find more info.

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