Nol Card Prices Reduced

From July 26th until September 24th 2015, the RTA has announced some discounted costs of buying the special personalised Nol cards. Discounts are up to 50% and they include the Blue Nol card as well as the Personalised Nol Gold card and Nol cards with special designs.

The Blue Nol card is reduced from the normal price of 70 dirhams to 35 dirhams.

Eid Extended Opening

This weekend, to help with the additional traffic that is expected due to Eid celebrations, the RTA have announced that the Dubai Metro will be opening earlier than usual and will start operations on both the green line and the red line at 10am on Friday.

Operating hours for the long Eid weekend are as follows:

Friday 17th July 2015 – 10 am until 2am (Saturday)

Saturday 18th July – 5.50am until 2am (Sunday)

Sunday 19th July – 5.30am to Midnight (Red line) and 5.50am until midnight (Green line).