Metro to Start at 10am Fridays

The RTA have announced the news that a lot of Dubai Metro users have been waiting 6 years for, that the running hours for the service will be increased on a Friday.

Since its launch in 2009, the Metro only started at 1pm on a Friday which many people have complained about. Well from Friday 2nd October 2015, the service will start running at 10am on Fridays which will enable many more people to get around on their day off and to enjoy the sights of Dubai.

Eid al Adha 2015

The operating hours for the Dubai Metro for Eid al Adha 2015 are as follows:

Wednesday 23rd September – 5.50am until 2am Thursday (red and green lines) but with no express services

Thursday 24th September – 5.50am until 2am Friday (red and green lines) but with no express services

Friday 25th September – 10am until 2am Saturday

Ibn Battuta to Connect to Metro

Plans are afoot to build a footbridge that will connect Ibn Battuta Mall to the Metro station of the same name. Currently there is a 5 minute walk between the Metro station and the Mall which puts off many shoppers, particularly when it is warmer.

The air conditioned footbridge will be part of the expansion of Ibn Battuta Mall and will be completed this year.

Other malls already have an air-conditioned link to the Metro which makes them popular for shoppers, including Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.