New Year Operating Hours for Dubai Metro

New Year’s Eve 2016

Timings have been announced by the RTA for the operating hours for Dubai Metro for the night of New Year’s Eve 2016/2017,  and as expected the Metro will be running the same operating hours as last year.

This means that the Dubai Metro will run continuously throughout the night of 31st December/1st January and only stop at the end of operating hours on 1st January (which is actually midnight as this is a Sunday).

Anyone out enjoying the celebrations will therefore be able to travel home using the Metro throughout the night.

The exception to this is the Burj Khalifa metro station which will close at 10pm on 31st December to enable smooth operations around the most popular area for the New Year celebrations.

There should be extra public transport available from the other nearby metro stations to ferry revellers to the Downtown Dubai area.

There will be an increased police presence at the Metro stations to ensure the safety and security of travellers.

Parking will be free in all paid areas except the fish market on 1st January.

The police and RTA are encouraging people to use public transport instead of their own cars to stop areas being gridlocked as they have often been in the past.

3 thoughts on “New Year Operating Hours for Dubai Metro”

  1. Why are all your escalators perpetually out of service? Even the ones that gets repaired will eventually be out of service again in a couple of days or in a weeks time!
    I have noticed the same escalator again and again under repair and its quite annoying to know that some drastic and serious action is not being taken to rectify the issue once and for all.
    Do you realize how inconvenient it is for commuters as not everyone can climb the stairs and the queue to take the lift is very long!

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