Dubai Metro Map

I have created this Dubai Metro map from the information that I have gathered about the Dubai metro stations, the zones and the current information about stations that are open. Please note that this Dubai Metro Map is subject to copyright and should not be used without my express permission.

The green line of the Dubai Metro opened on 9 September 2011 and as of 1 March 2014 all of the stations are now open. Of course the line is likely to be extended in the future to add to the total of 18 stations that are currently present. The red line has been fully open for some time with all of the 29 stations now open.

As you can see from the Dubai Metro Zones Map, there are currently 4 zones that encompass the Dubai metro and there are 7 zones in total that also cover other methods of public transport, like the buses. When the Metro opened the travel zones changed from 4 zones to 7 and the price that you pay for your ticket to travel on any form of public transport (excluding currently the Palm Monorail which has it’s own ticketing system), depends on how many zones you are travelling through.

Check out the Dubai Metro Tickets page for full information about the fares payable. These fares have not been increased since the Metro opened in 2009 and offer great value for money.


Dubai Metro Map
Dubai Metro Map 2014