Dubai Metro Map

We have created this Dubai Metro map from the information that we have gathered about the Dubai Metro stations, the zones and the current information about stations that are open.

Please note that this Dubai Metro Map is subject to copyright and should not be used without our express permission.

We will continue to keep the Dubai Metro map updated with station name changes and any additional stations that may open once the metro gets extended further out.

Station name changes happen occasionally due to companies purchasing the branding rights for a particular station.

You can click on the map for a larger version and print it if required.

2017 Dubai Metro Map

After the red line opening on 9 September 2009, the green line of the Dubai Metro opened on 9 September 2011. A few of the stations did not open straight away. However, as of 1 March 2014 all of the stations were fully open on both the green and red lines.

Both the green and the red line will be extended in the future to add to the 18 green lines stations and the 29 red line station currently being used. There may also be other lines opening in the future. Check out the news page for ongoing information.

As you can see from the Dubai Metro Zones Map, there are currently 4 zones that encompass the Dubai Metro. There are 7 zones in total that also cover other methods of public transport, like the buses and the tram.

The number of zones that you travel through determines the price of the journey. You can buy tickets that encompass all zones, e.g. a one day pass.

Check out the Dubai Metro Tickets page for full information about the fares payable. Fares increased in November 2014 when the Tram opened but still offer great value for money.

4 thoughts on “Dubai Metro Map”

  1. Hi,
    I’m staying in Sharjah and my new office is located in Business bay Dubai.
    I would like to drop my vehicle at Etisalat Station & pick metro to Union station & from union station to Business bay 6 days a week for 1 month up and down.
    Could you advise me with the seasonal ticket and the cost

    1. You just need to work out your daily cost checking number of zones from the map and then see if it is cheaper to get a weekly or monthly ticket. I am unable to do personal calculations as I don’t know all your circumstances.

  2. Hi
    this is as clear as mud.

    So if you travel from Dubai Mall to Mall of Emirates you travel from 1 zone to the other (1 zone) or is 4 zones as one zone is Zone 2 and the other is Zone 6.
    Why can’t these things ever be clear?
    Please help

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