How much does the Dubai Metro cost?

Check out the tickets page for details on Dubai Metro ticket prices.

What are the Dubai Metro Opening Hours?

The operating hours of the Dubai Metro are:

Red Line

from 5.30am until midnight Saturday to Wednesday, 5.30am until 1am on Thursdays and 10am until 1am on Fridays.

Green Line

from 5.50am until midnight Saturday to Wednesday, 5.50am until 1am on Thursdays and 10am until 1am on Fridays.

 Can children travel for free?

Children under 5 years old and under 90cm can travel free. Otherwise they pay the normal fares.

Where can I buy my ticket?

You can buy tickets from vending machines and ticket offices at all Dubai Metro stations and bus stations as well as malls and airports. Some supermarkets also sell Nol cards including Spinneys.

If I have a silver Nol card will I be charged more than 20 dirhams each day?

Yes, in order to only pay the one day price of 20 dirhams you need to buy a one day pass, otherwise you will be charged for all the journeys you make.

Am I restricted on the number of transfers I can make?

Yes, on a single trip ticket you can make only 1 transfer. On multi-zone travel you can make 3 transfers. Time allowed between transfers is 30 minutes.

Can you take food and drink onto the trains?

No, food and drink are not allowed on the trains and you will be fined if you are found eating or drinking.

Do I have to pay for the feeder bus separately?

The feeder bus is included in the metro fare so in effect is free. As long as you travel on a bus and the Metro this will be the case. If you only travel on the bus then you will get charged the fare for the number of zones you travel through. So effectively the bus and the Metro are considered as one journey.

Does the Metro have facilities for people with disabilities?

Yes, they have the following:

  • Contrasting tactile guidance path for the visually impaired.
  • Ticket counters within easy reach for wheelchair users.
  • Dedicated toilets for people with disabilities.
  • Lift access to all station levels.
  • Dedicated spaces for wheelchair users on all trains.
  • Clear way finding signage.
  • Information displayed on screens throughout trains and stations.
  • Platform alerts as audible bleeps when doors close and corresponding  flashing light signal.

 How many passengers can each train carry?

The trains are designed for 643 passengers per 5 carriage train.

 How frequent are the trains?

The RTA is constantly reassessing the frequency of the trains to take into account the extra stations that are open and how much the metro is used.

Currently around 5 million people use the Metro each month. Trains run every 5 minutes during rush hour and every 8 minutes outside of rush hour.

Is the parking at Metro stations free?

Yes, parking is free for Metro users. If you don’t use the Metro then you will be charged for using the station car parks. You will also be fined if you leave your car at a metro station car park overnight.

What are the advantages of the blue nol card?

The Blue Nol card is assigned to an individual and can be topped up online. If the card is lost the credit can be recovered by reporting the lost card. Nol cards can be issued for Senior Citizens (over 60) and Special Needs users.

Blue Nol cards can also be used to purchase season ticket.

What happens if I miss the last train home?

There is a night bus that runs the length of the Metro between Nakheel Harbour and Tower and Rashidiya stations. The route  runs every 20 minutes (upgraded from 30 minutes) from 11pm until 2am.

What is the security like at the metro stations?

The average security personnel per station is 14 and surveillance cameras per station is 64.


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