Feeder Buses

Feeder buses for the Dubai Metro operate at every metro station. There are a number of routes for each station but sometimes it can be difficult to get hold of the exact route and timetable information from the RTA because these are constantly changing.

The only way that you seem to be able to get up to date information on Dubai metro feeder buses is to actually visit the station itself and check the timetables. Route maps for the feeder buses can also be picked up at bus stations and at some of the larger metro stations.

The frequency of Dubai Metro feeder buses has declined in recent months with some only running every hour so if you need to get a bus then it is worth checking beforehand when and how often the feeder buses are running.

The fares for travelling on a feeder bus are incorporated in your overall ticket price. This means that you need to calculate how many zones you will pass through on your whole journey in order to know the feeder bus fare. If you do not travel though any further zones on your bus route then effectively your feeder bus fare is free.

Remember to check in and check out with your nol card when you use the feeder bus though, as otherwise you may be charged extra for your fare. Check in points are located at the front and the middle of the bus and you need to swipe your nol card over these on entry and exit of the feeder bus.

Green Line Feeder Buses

Thanks to the RTA here is a list of buses that serve each of the stations on the Dubai Metro Green line. Frequencies of the buses may vary so check at the stations themselves and also for the route maps.

Dubai Metro Green Line Buses at Dec 2011