Dubai Metro Tickets

Dubai Metro tickets must be purchased in the form of a Nol card. No other payment form is possible for Dubai Metro tickets. A Nol card is like a credit card that holds a balance for travelling on Dubai transport.

dubai metro tickets - silver nol cardCheck out the section on Nol cards for which type of card is best for you. You can buy Dubai Metro tickets in the form of a Nol card at all of the metro stations. You can also buy Nol cards at any other public transport stations and customer service centres.

No Cash Payments

You cannot pay by cash or credit card to travel on the Dubai Metro, you need to buy a Nol card. However, you can top your Nol card up using cash or credit card.

The prices for travel on the Dubai Metro, Tram and Buses are as follows:

Ticket Type 1 Zone or <3km 2 zones 2 Zones 3+ Zones
Standard Adult Ticket (Red) 4 dirhams 6 dirhams 8.50 dirhams
Pre-paid Standard Adult Ticket (Silver Nol) 3 dirhams 5 dirhams 7.50 dirhams
Concessionary (Blue Nol Card) 1.50 dirhams 2.50 dirhams 3.75 dirhams
Gold Class (Red Ticket) 8 dirhams 12 dirhams 17 dirhams
Gold Class Pre-Paid 6 dirhams 10 dirhams 15 dirhams

You can work out how many zones you will travel through by checking out the Metro Map. Prices apply to the number of zones and do not take account of the actual zone numbers.

Standard tickets are those purchased by buying a red Nol card so are likely to be those charged to tourists or visitors. Pre-paid means where you have purchased a Silver, Blue or Gold Nol card.

Concessionary Nol cards are available to students, disabled and elderly people on registration and application. Standard Blue Nol cards have benefits including the purchase of season tickets.

Season Tickets

New season ticket passes were introduced with the opening of the Dubai Tram in 2014 and the prices are as follows:


Ticket Type 1 Zone 2 Zones All Zones
Annual Silver Class 1,060 dirhams 1,770 dirhams 2,670 dirhams
Quarterly Silver Class 330 dirhams 550 dirhams 830 dirhams
Monthly Silver Class 140 dirhams 230 dirhams 350 dirhams
Weekly Silver Class 50 dirhams 80 dirhams 110 dirhams
Daily Silver Class 20 dirhams
Annual Gold Class 2,120 dirhams 3,540 dirhams 5,340 dirhams
Quarterly Gold Class 660 dirhams 1,100 dirhams 1,660 dirhams
Monthly Gold Class 280 dirhams 460 dirhams 700 dirhams
Weekly Gold Class 100 dirhams 160 dirhams 220 dirhams
Daily Gold Class 40 dirhams


Metro One Day Pass or Not?

You should work out how many journeys you are likely to make in one day as a one day pass may be better. The one day pass also includes travel on the Dubai Tram and Dubai buses.

If you do not purchase a one day ticket you can still get charged more than 20 dirhams if you make a lot of journeys as travel is not capped at 20 dirhams unless you buy the one day ticket.

The above tickets can only be purchased on particular Nol cards:

You can get the one day card on a Red ticket. You can get the weekly ticket on a Blue, Silver or Gold Nol card.

You can charge the Red ticket with up to 5 one day tickets – you need to buy each ticket on the day of travel and not in advance and it is only valid up until midnight of the day of purchase.

The remaining season tickets can only be purchased on a Blue Nol Card or a registered Silver or Gold Nol card.  Blue cards require an application form with ID and photo.

Therefore if you are travelling to Dubai as a visitor your only options for a season ticket are the day or weekly passes.


165 thoughts on “Dubai Metro Tickets”

  1. How much is daily travel card for both metro and buses jointly
    Also how much weekly travel for both metro and buses jointly ,
    I am planning to visit Dubai soon as a visitor !

    1. How much is daily travel card for one day – unlimited to travel all zones in both Metro & Tram.

      Or please suggest how we can take ticked use one day in rounding all zones by Train & Tram

        1. One question, I tried the daily pass before, and it shows it’s valid till midnight, but can I use it after that as the motor time is until 1 am?
          What is the exact time for the validity?

  2. I am travelling daily twice by metro 1 zone, which one is the best for buying a monthly card or quarterly card. if I am buying this card can i travel different zones. if I buy this card, if cash is remaining even after month will it be carryover to next month if I am recharging.


    1. If you do 2 trips in one zone 7 days a week on a silver Nol card then that is costing you 6 dirhams a day or 42 dirhams a week or around 180 dirhams a month. So if you are doing this every day for a month then the monthly card is cheaper at 140 dirhams. For this you will need to register for a blue Nol card. If you buy a monthly card then you can travel as many times as you like (within in zone) for 140 dirhams.

  3. I will be tourist for one week, what card shall I buy for unlimited travel in any of zone for a week and what will be cost? Is there any discount for child age of 8.5 years? Any discount on my child’s student ID card of Karachi, Pakistan?

    1. As a tourist you can only get the one day travel card as the weekly ticket requires you to have a blue Nol card. There is no discount for a 8.5 year old tourist either.

  4. I will be in dubai for 6 weeks
    I will have to travel daily from Bur Dubai to Emaar Square building.
    Which pass should i buy

    1. If you are able to get a blue Nol card then you could get a monthly pass and then use a silver nol for 2 weeks. If you are not able to get a blue nol card and you only use the metro twice a day then it is cheaper to just use a silver Nol card for that period.

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My room at Al Rigga, and my office located at Near to Noor Bank Metro Station..
    I have work from Saturday to Thursday and there is no time to out..
    Which metro Card is better to use and reduce my travelling expenses.. My room is located at near to Al Rigga metro Station..
    Please suggest me to find the solution for this travel from my office to room with cheap and best..

    1. So you travel 3 zones twice a day for 6 days a week. On a silver Nol that is 15 dirhams a day or 90 dirhams a week. Monthly pass is 350 dirhams which would save you a small amount but you would need a blue Nol card to get it. You could then travel at any time you liked so could use it on Fridays etc.

  6. Hello,

    Could you please advise – if one uses two different connected buses what is the fare? from Um Suqueim to The Greens

    And also if one uses metro from Nakheel and then jumps on the bus to Um Suqueim, how much is that?

    Argh why is this so complicated :)) Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Ivana. You just need to work out how many zones that you travel through and then that is the fare as long as you make your connections within 30 minutes. You must also remember to tap in and out on each section of the journey.

  7. Can the silver cards be returned to get the money left on it back after a two week stay? Also, is there a refund on the card price id returned?

    1. Hi Trent, yes you can get a refund on any outstanding balance on the card subject to a 5 dirham or 2.5% charge (whichever is higher). You can get this at any ticket office.

    1. You need to work out how often you are going to use it and see if it is cheaper to get a daily pass or not. You can’t get a weekly pass as a visitor as it needs to be on a Blue Nol card.

  8. I am daily visiting Al Bharsh, Health Care City, WTC, Al Marina, Jebel Ali and other different location daily basis. I recharge the NOL card daily basis and about 20 to 30 Dihrams spent daily basis. Please advise me which card is better for me. and how much the card price.


  9. Can the daily passes used by a whole family or only a single person? I mean does the whole family have to buy individual cards.

  10. I will be in Dubai for 2 days. I’m going to travel (by metro and bus) a lot and explore. I know that there is something like Red Tickets- daily pass for 20AED. Is there a limit of travel /transfer on this ticket or is it unlimited? Should I choose this pass or another one? Thanks 🙂

  11. Hi,

    We are a family of 4 (3 adults and a 16 yr old). We wish to use the Metro to get round. We have found that it is cost effective to use the Metro to get to our Hotel.
    We will arrive at DXB at 22:30 on 2/8/17 I would suggest this would mean getting a metro train just after midnight on the 3/08/17. The nerest Metro stop to our hotel is DAMAC prpoerties.
    Please advise as to costs and what NOL ticket to buy, also will the metro be running at this time

    1. The Metro only runs until midnight so you would need to get a train before that. The ticket price depends on if you buy a red nol card or a silver one. Check the tickets page for more information.

  12. Hi, im planning to travel to Dubai for 2 weeks. I will be using the metro at least 4 times a day – all zones. Which card would be best for me and how much would it cost? Do under 5’s travel for free?

    1. As a visitor you can only get a day ticket as opposed to pay as you go, so if you do more then 3 trips a day then the day ticket may be worth while (single trips are 7.5 dirhams on silver card and day ticket is 20 dirhams). Yes, as per the FAQs under 5s travel free.

  13. I will stay in Dubai for 7 days (as a visitor) and want to use public transport as much as possible. Based on what I’ve read in above conversation the best solution for me is to buy RED ticket. I would like to ask how it works? I am buying it at vending machine or office for price 2 AED and then I need to charge it for what amount of AED to be able to use 5 daily passes (fo each day 20 AED). Can I do it as one time operation or it should be done each day separately?

  14. Hi! You have incorrect information. You are answering questions, write- “As a tourist you can only get the one day travel card as the weekly ticket requires you to have a blue Nol card.” This is mistake. You can buy a 7-day pass and a gold nol card and a silver nol card! Look at the table above, there are all the rates! I am a tourist and several times bought a 7-day pass (2 Zones) for 160 dirhams with a gold nol card!

    1. Hi Alex, this is the information I have been given by the RTA – see document here
      It is great if you can get the weekly pass on a silver or gold standard card as it seems wrong that you can’t.

  15. Hi, thanks for the reply! Yesterday I wrote a letter to, I thought, suddenly, in recent months something has changed! They told me in detail that I can get the 7-day pass on a silver or gold standard card and I do not need to buy a blue card! And confirmed the rates listed on your website!

    1. Thanks Alex, that is great, I will update the info tomorrow. It did seem wrong that it was only available on the blue card so it’s good they have changed it.

  16. Do I have to buy a red ticket before purchasing a silver all day pass?
    If yes, then, is there a limit that I can only travel on the zones of which I bought the Red Ticket.

    1. You will need to check at the ticket office when you buy the one day pass. The one day ticket is valid for all zones regardless which ticket it is attached to.

  17. We (2 adults and 1 8 year child) are visiting dubai first time. Most of time we will travel in train, bus and tram from one zone to another. Should we buy the three red tickets or any other economical alternative?

    1. It depends on how long you are staying for and how many journeys you will make. Also the red Nol card is only valid for one type of transport at a time so you may be better off getting a silver Nol card each.

  18. Good afternoon.
    Plan to visit Dubai for a week. I will move around the city every day. Which card is more economical to purchase? The ticket one day or silver?

    1. Yuo need to work out how many trips you are going to make over which zones and if that is going to add up to more than the cost of a day ticket then buy the day ticket 🙂

  19. How much is a gold card? Does she have the right day to make an unlimited number of trips?
    How much is a silver card? Does she have the right day to make an unlimited number of trips?

  20. Correctly I understood, the gold card costs 25 dirhams. On it 19 dirhams for journey. The maximum write-off on day 14 dirhams? And if I exceed 14 dirhams in a day, then on this day the rest of the trip will be free of charge?

    1. No, there is no maximum write off. If you think you will exceed 20 dirhams (silver class) or 40 dirhams (gold class) you need to buy a day ticket in advance. Otherwise you will be charged for all journeys that you make.

  21. Is it available a one way season ticket, because i am travelling one way only daily and coming back via my company car.

    1. It doesn’t matter which direction you travel, the season tickets are valid for unlimited travel for whatever period you purchase so if it is cheaper to buy a season ticket then do that, otherwise just buy singles.

  22. We (3 adults, one 8 year child and one 4 year old) are visiting Dubai for the first time in 1 week’s time. We intend to travel mostly by metro, tram and bus sightseeing across multiple zones over the period of our 4-day stay. From the information gathered, please confirm the following;

    1. We require to only purchase a daily ticket on a silver Nol card at 20 dirhams per ticket.
    2. The daily silver class ticket affords us unlimited trips on any of the three modes of transport and across multiple zones.
    3. Once we are done with the 1st day’s travelling, we need to purchase another day pass for the 2nd day’s travels. Do I need to wait for the 2nd day to purchase the day pass or I can purchase it on the 1st day?

    1. 1. Yes you will need to purchase 4 daily tickets (one for each person apart from the 4 year old who goes free) each day.
      2. Yes
      3. You need to purchase the passes on the day you use them.

  23. Hi
    I am coming to Dubai with my family as a tourist for 4 days. What is the best mode available for my use? My kids are 2 years old (Twins), so need to purchase the ticket for them?

    1. Not sure what you mean by best mode? The ticket you buy depends on how many trips you intend to make each day. No, you do not need to buy tickets for the 2 year olds.

    1. Perhaps I need to change the wording. There are concessionary fares that are available to specific blue Nol card holders but you can also get standard fares on the personalised blue Nol card.

  24. Good afternoon.
    How much will the fare from the station Al Nahda station is the Burj Khalifa for a silver card?
    How much will the fare from the station Al Nahda station and Dubai Marina silver card?

    1. A 2 zone journey is 5 dirhams (silver), so if you do this twice a day then there is no point getting a daily card costing 20 dirhams. You just need to work out how many journeys you do and how much that will cost you.

  25. Hello! During 4 days we are going to move by metro to other stations in Dubai (Burj-Khalifa, dubai City center and other) from Deira Metro Station and in the evening come back to Deira Metro Station.
    We 3 adults and 1 child (8 yo).
    Which type of card are convenient to buy?
    Thank you/

    1. If the total cost of the journeys that you are going to make each day is more than 20 dirhams then you should buy a day ticket on the day you travel. Each of you will need their own ticket.

  26. i will be travelling in 1st week on nov for 5n6d with 3 family members (total 4), please advice which type of card are convenient to buy

    1. It really depends how many trips you are going to make each day. if you are going to spend more than 20 dirhams a day on journeys then you should get a daily travel card. Each person will need their own card.

    1. It really depends on where you want to go and if those places are near a metro station. It can be easier to use the metro unless you know the roads of Dubai as they can be quite tricky to navigate but it may be cheaper to get a rental car with 5 people if you are likely to need to use taxis to get places as well as the metro.

  27. Hi
    First of all, thank you for the amazing info 🙂
    Second, could you please help me to work this out?
    I live close to Jebel Ali Metro station. And my new job is at Dubai business village next to the Clock round about (i think it’s called that). Work is 5 days a week.
    I want to park my car at the jebel ali station. Is this allowed? Is there any extra costs for parking my car?
    After that i will take the metro to the nearest metro station to work. What does it called?
    Which plan is best to buy for such journy and how much it would cost for the gold class?
    Also by any chance do you know how long the journy from home station to work station would take?
    Appreciate your help in this. Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. Hi, I don’t believe there is parking at Jebel Ali station – the nearest is Nakheel Harbour and Tower where you can park for free if you use the metro and validate your ticket. Al rigga metro station is nearest the clock tower roundabout. If you are going to use it long term then you could get a monthly, quarterly or annual pass but you will need to apply for a blue Nol card for these tickets.

  28. Good day..i will ride first at al ghubaiba station and will transfer in interchange to dubai mall.Is silver card can be used both green and red line?tnx

  29. Hi we are flying into Dubai and staying at the Hilton Dubai The Walk please can you let me know how many zones that is and what station we get off at ? we will have quite a bit of baggage is there room on the train for baggage ?

    1. Hi David, you will be travelling from zone 5 to zone 2. However, the nearest station is actually a tram station so if you want to get close you will need to change at Dubai Marina metro (Damac). That is still a short (hot) walk to the hotel though and if you have a lot of luggage they may not let it all on the metro (you may only be allowed one bag each, it depends how strict they are feeling on the day).

  30. Hi
    I am planning to go to Dubau with family of 4 and stay there 2.5 days, I have planed to see all Dubai points of intserest for one day – is it enoufgh a day to see Dubai by metro and buses? what ticket should I buy?

    Another day I like to go main cities like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Alain al khorman etc cities – can I use train to go there or what is your suggession?

    1. Hi Sam, there are really too many points of interest to see in one day in Dubai so I don’t know where you are planning to go. You can see some places by metro and buses but there are some that will need a taxi. If you are using the metro and buses multiple times then you should probably buy a day ticket for 20 dirhams. I hope you are not expecting to get to all of those cities in one day! You may make it to one place – you can get a bus to Abu Dhabi but there are no train services to those places so you will need to hire a car.

  31. I would like to travel from Al nada 2 metro station to baniyas square metrostation.please let me know for monthly season ticket how much i need to pay?

    1. If you look at the map you will see that those two stations are both in zone 5, therefore, assuming you don’t make any other journeys outside that area, you will only be travelling in 1 zone. If you look at the prices of tickets for 1 zone monthly you will see that is 140 dirhams.

      1. If I took a season ticket for a month ( AED 140).Can I travel using this in metro & RTA buses?.Also, this season ticket charge is limited on a number of a journey in a day/month?

        1. Yes you can use it on metro, tram and buses. Yes, the nature of a season ticket is that it is valid for a period of time with no limit on the number of journeys in that time period.

  32. Which ticket do you purchase for 5 year old and 10 year old. What is the cost of a weekly ticket for metro for an adult? And a child?

    1. Only children aged under 5 travel free. All other children pay full adult fare. Weekly ticket prices are shown above depending on which colour ticket and how many zones you want to travel in.

  33. Hi I am living in Sharjah. My family of 5 members are here for a visit . They want to travel in metro and double decker bus just one trip. What should I do to get tickets

    1. Hi, just go to the ticket office at the Metro station you want to travel from and they will give you the correct ticket for your journey.

  34. I am going to Dubai for 5 days starting 13 Oct. I wish to travel by metro from airport to DIC . What are the ticket options

    Anand sabharwal

    1. If you are arriving on a Friday you need to check that the Metro is running at your time of arrival as it starts a 10am on a Friday. Ticket options are shown above. Check out the map for zones.

    1. If you buy a daily ticket for 20 dirhams then you can travel as much as you like on that day. Otherwise, if you just pay as you go, it depends on how many zones you are travelling as to how much each journey costs (see table above).

  35. Hi, I travel from world trade center to UAE exchange from Sunday to Thursday. I would like to get a good nol. What would be cheaper, a weekly card or just top up as and when.

    Many thanks

      1. Ha ha I did wonder! The only way you can see if a weekly card is better is to work out how many journeys you do and check the cost against the cost of the weekly card. However, if that is the only journey you do, twice a day, then that is 15 dirhams a day (on a Silver Nol) for 5 days a week so costing you 75 dirhams. So it would be cheaper to pay as you go.

  36. Hello, thank you for the information. I am traveling with my parents to Dubai in November. We intend to use the metro to travel within Dubai. As we are three people, do we need to buy a red card individually or would one card suffice? Also, does the red card cover to and fro journeys? For eg. Travel from Bur Dubai to Burj Khalifa to and fro would be covered in the Red Card for three people if recharged for say AED 20? Please advice.

    1. You will need a card each. You can buy either a red or silver Nol card. Each trip price is calculated separately unless you buy the one day pass which covers you for as many journeys as you like.

      1. Thank you for the reply. So as per the table above, a silver pass will cost 20 AED for the day per person with no cap on the number of journeys? I.e. 60 AED for three.

  37. Hello. I’m at deira city center and would like to visit the dubai mall later today as I have a ticket for the water zoo. I also need to know the best way to get to the skydive dubai center as I understand it’s quite a distance and might be too expensive to get to using a taxi. Please advise the best options for these 2routes

  38. i have to be at the dubai mall today for a visit at the water zoo. i also need to be at the skydive dubai center tomorrow and i understand its quite a distance from Deira city where i am and taxi fares will be quite pricey.. please advise on the best way or Metro ticket option

  39. I will be coming to Dubai for 4 days as a tourist. Which card will be suitable for me for unlimited usage these 4 days in all the metro zone?

  40. Hello,

    I’m going to be in Dubai for 2 days and planning to cover all the usual spots plus a few more. From what I calculated, the per person train travel cost is coming to more a little more than AED 20 per day. In that case, do you suggest we buy the one day passes? What is the travel limit for the 1 day pass?
    Also, is the 1 day pass valid for 24 hours from the time I buy it or does the validity end at the end of the day?
    Will appreciate your response 🙂 Thanks!

    1. yes if you are going to spend more than 20 dirham, buy the one day pass. It covers you until end of day on the day you buy it, not 24 hours. There is no limit on the amount you can travel.

    1. For a monthly pass you need a Blue Nol card and I believe you need an Emirates ID for this – but please check with the RTA on 8009090.

  41. I will be staying at Sharaf DG and my work location is at Dubai Health Care City.Which is more advisable to take?Should i get the monthly pass?or is there an unlimited pass to all zone and how much?

    1. You need to work out how many journeys you will take in a month to see if that costs more than getting the monthly ticket. Monthly ticket is unlimited and you will need the all zone pass to travel through 3 zones.

  42. Iam a Handicapped person, I want use mero every day 2 times 2 ,zone . Can you help, how can I got concession Nol card? Any medical certificate requred?

  43. Hello,
    I need to know that I am traveling from Jafliya to Dubai Design District on daily basis. Going and coming back. I do have Sliver card .I want to convert My Silver card for monthly basis is it possible and is it cost me 140 AED as mentioned?

    1. There is no metro at Dubai Design District so I am not sure where you are travelling to. You can register your Silver card in order to buy a monthly pass.

  44. I would like to ride on metro from Nakheel/ Harbour station to Burjuman in the evening and return on next day morning . what is the formalities and fee for overnight parking of my car in the nakheel harbour parking area?

    1. You need to work out how much you spend and if a season ticket is cheaper for you. Unfortunately I am not able to calculate your journey costs for you.

  45. HI,

    I will be in Dubai from 9th Feb until 14Feb. And maybe i”m staying around Dubai Silicon Oasis. Would you suggest me, which card i should buy ?

  46. Hi,

    My wife and myself will spend a week in Dubai. I’m wondering whether we both have to buy a red (or blue) card? I’m rather thinking about purchasing a red (or blue) one day ticket and use it commonly (once used one passes it to another). Does it work?


    1. Hi Stan, no you each have to have your own red or silver ticket (blue tickets are for registered travellers who perhaps want long term season tickets).

  47. Hi I want to go dubai for a week in JAN ,and my week start from Wendsday,can i get weekly card?
    I mean weekly card is just start from monday to sunday or I can use of middle week for 7 days?

  48. Hi. Is it still the case that the red card can only be used on a single transport system e.g. metro or tram (for single trips, I know the day pass can be used on all)? I’m stopping at the Le Meridian Mina Seyahi and need to catch the tram to get to the metro station. Does this mean I need two red cards, one for tram and another for metro?

    1. Hi Sparky, no, sorry I must update that, I believe that the Red Nol card can now be used on all 3 forms of transport (metro, bus, tram).

  49. Hello,

    Can you please guide me. We are four person (Me, My wife, my 5 year old and an infant).

    We will be staying in Dubai for roughly 7 days and staying near Al Rigga metro station. I will be using Metro with my family on daily basis for my up and down travel to different Dubai attractions / locations .. Which pass i should buy and how many passes should i buy for whole family? I dont know about this zone criteria, all i can say i would be going to dubai mall one day, ibn e batuta mall on another day, or other places similarly.

    Regards and Advance Thanks

  50. We are visiting Dubai for a couple of days in March. My husband has a blue ‘disabled’ badge. Can he get concession art travel in Dubai? If so, what does he need to do and what are the costs of the nol card and a day pass?

    1. Unfortunately concession Blue Nol cards are only available if you have an Emirates ID card so he will only be able to use the standard Nol card with no concession.

  51. Dear Mam
    i am travelling from Al riqqa to Burjuman and vice versa from Saturday to thursday. I spend around Aed.200. Is there any way i can reduce the expense to cut short.



    1. The only cheaper option is a quarterly or annual pass for 2 zones but you would need to find the money up front for those. You can find the prices here.

  52. My wife & I will be in Dubai Feb. 6-8/18 We are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn on Abu Baker Al Siddique Road. We would like to know which Metro Station would be the closest to our hotel. We will just be using the Metro for 1 day so would our best purchase be the Silver Card? I understand you can use that card all day anywhere on Buses & Metro is that correct?

    1. The nearest Metro station is Abu Baker al Siddique on the green line and you can buy a one day ticket on a red nol which works out cheaper if that is the only day you are going to use it. Yes, you can use it on buses, metro and tram.

  53. Greetings
    For a family with 2 children (under 10) visiting for 1 week. For unlimited trips:
    1) Would recommend Red or Silver ?
    2) Does every adult have to have a separate card ?
    3) Do children need separate cards ?

    Thank you.

  54. Hi Admin
    Thank you for the informative post! I’m looking to travel to Dubai in April and we will be using the metro a few times.
    Just to confirm, if I buy a gold class day pass, I can travel between as many zones as I want during that day? And I can also use it on the bus and tram?

    I was told by a friend that the day pass is not unlimited use, that you may only use it for a certain amount of zones. It seems quite confusing.
    Thank you!

  55. Dear sir /Madam
    Next month I’ll be coming to Dubai …my doubt is if I travel from Dubai rta bus station to Abu Dhabi bus station , can I use one day nol red unlimited pass ? And in case if it is not possible ,which card I need to buy to travel from Dubai to Abu ?

  56. Hello. I am travelling from salah aldin metro to stadium station, then going by bus from stadium off to dewa bus station. This is my trip for 6 days in a week. What card would be best and economical for me? Thanks a lot.

  57. I need to buy a Gold season card for one month for red line. Metro lobby staff says go and register by on line. what I do. please advise

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