Chaos on Dubai Metro Over Eid

As Eid approached and people got ready to go out and celebrate, the mass crowds seemed to put too much pressure on the Dubai Metro system and it stopped working between Karama and Business Bay. Employees at the stations told passengers there were technical problems but no official word came from the RTA on their website or their twitter feed.

One of the passengers on the Dubai Metro tweeted that two of the trains had come very close to colliding and said that the train they were on had to be moved manually. Although the trains are driverless, they do have manual controls at the front that can be used to override the system. Whether there was any danger to passengers is yet to be confirmed by the RTA.

Passengers had to use feeder buses that had been laid on between the two stations but although this did start to move the passengers to where they wanted to go, it was nowhere near as quick as the Metro itself would have been and so queues of people spent at least half an hour waiting for the buses.

Many people took to their cars instead and traffic on the roads was at a usual Eid high.

Dubai Metro Opening Hours Extended

The opening hours of the Dubai Metro will be extended from 3 September 2011 to the following:

from 6am until midnight Saturday to Wednesday,
6am until 1am on Thursdays
and 1pm until 1am on Fridays.

This extension of the working hours follows on from the extended hours during Ramadan and Eid but in this case is a permanent change. It ties in with the opening of the Dubai Metro Green Line on 9 September 2011.

The RTA has taken the feedback from existing passengers who have wanted the hours extended for quite a while now. The extension is timed by the RTA with the likely huge increase in passengers that the opening of the Green Line will bring and so likely makes more economic sense now than it may have done in the past.

It seems that the last bastion of requirements in terms of timings from the passengers point of view, is to start the trains earlier on a Friday. Although initially the start time of 3pm was brought forward to 1pm there is still no sign at present that the Dubai metro will open on a Friday morning in the near future.

Green Line to Open 9 September 2011

The RTA have confirmed the date for the opening of the Dubai Metro Green Line which is 9th September 2011, co-inciding with the anniversary of the opening of the Red Line on 9 September 2009. The Green Line will be inaugrated by his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum as was the Red Line.

The Green Line consists of 18 stations, of which 16 will be opened on 9 September. The remaining two stations (Al Jadaf and Creek), although completed, will not be opened for the time being as the residential areas surrounding them are not completed so it is deemed that there is not a need for them at this time. To check out the stations that will be open, see the Dubai Metro Map.

The wait for the Green Line to open has been long, but it is anticipated that this will now increase the amount of commuters on the Metro significantly. Passengers will be able to travel on both red and green lines without leaving the system and without having to go above ground, as the 2 interchange stations, Union and Khalid bin al Waleed, are underground.

Monthly Passes Now Available on the Dubai Metro

Although the RTA advised a while ago that monthly passes would be made available to commuters who used the Dubai Metro on a regular basis, the passes are now going to be sold with effect from this Friday 12th August.

The monthly passes, which are being issued the same time as the new zones are being implemented, have 3 price categories as follows:

1 Zone Only – 100 dirhams
2 Zones – 180 dirhams
All Zones – 270 dirhams

Dubai Metro Zones Expand from 4 to 7

In light of the opening of the green line of the Dubai Metro in the coming weeks, the zoning of public transport in Dubai has been changed to incorporate more zones. Currently there are 5 zones covering all the public transport areas but this will be increased to 7 with effect from 12 August 2011.

The main changes are in and around the central business districts and will impact the following stations:

  • Khalid bin al Waleed (Burjuman)
  • Karama
  • Jaffilia
  • World Trade Center
  • Emirates Towers
  • Financial Centre
  • Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall
  • Business Bay

If you use any of these stations you may be affected by a slight increase in your fare as you may now be travelling between more zones. These stations were previously in Zone 5, which has now been split into two zones and becomes zones 5 and 6.

I have tried to incorporate the new metro zones in the attached metro map but as usual it is quite difficult to get the precise information about the new zones from the RTA website as they have not posted it yet so I have used a few sources to build this map and hope it is correct.