New Bike Stands at Dubai Metro Stations

Emirates 24/7 has reported on the building work that is going on for as many as 3000 new bike stands at certain Dubai metro stations. Some of the bike stands are already in operation and there will be a significant number built over the coming months.

The bike stands will be available at both red and green line stations and will further encourage use of the metro from those who live within a cycle ride of the vicinity.

You can check out the whole report here.


Will the RTA Increase the Metro Services?

It is interesting to note that people who use the Dubai Metro to commute to work often complain that the carriages are jam packed full of passengers. Although the frequency of trains has been increased in recent months it would be interesting to know if the RTA has any plans for increasing the capacity of the trains of the frequency of them in peak hours.

In particular, on car free day, the trains were packed and possibly not equipped for that kind of usage on a regular basis. It seems unlikely that it is possible to increase the capacity of the trains unless the station platforms have been designed to accept trains with more carriages.

However, it does look possible that the frequency of trains can be increased from the current level. How often do the Dubai Metro trains run I hear you ask? Well in the rush hour the trains run approximately every 4 minutes with bigger gaps (8 minutes) out of rush hour. So, there is scope to increase more trains although this will inevitably put a greater strain on the system and will also involve the cost of buying new trains.

Half Price Blue Nol Cards

The RTA has announced that Blue Nol cards will be available at half price until 29th February. The blue nol card is personalised to the holder and gives additional benefits particularly to students and OAPs. In addition if you lose a blue Nol card you can get it replaced.

Blue Nol cards usually cost 70 dirhams which includes a 20 dirham credit for fares but the discount offer gives you a blue Nol card for 35 dirhams. However, the discounted card has no fare credit attached.

Another thing you should note is that if you buy your blue Nol card online, the usual price of 70 dirhams will apply. You can buy the card online and have it delivered to your home (you will need a credit card, an ID card and a personal photo). In order to get the discounted card you will need to buy it at Metro or Bus stations.

Dubai Mall To Link With Dubai Metro

Emaar announced on Tuesday that there are plans for a covered walkway to link the Dubai Mall with the nearby Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa Metro station. The walkway will be 820 metres long and will contain 10 moving travelators to carry passengers to and from the mall and the Metro Station.

It has long been a bugbear of users of the Dubai Metro station that they had to get a bus from the station to the Dubai Mall or the Burj Khalifa. It seemed like bad planning that the mall and the Metro did not meet and you had to wait around for a bus to turn up to link the two. So the news will come as a great relief to those who use the Dubai Metro regularly to get to the Mall, whether that be for work or pleasure.

The walkway is planned to be up and running by 2013 and each of the travelators will be between 80 and 120 metres in length with additional space for people to walk in between the travelators that go in either direction. The plan is that the walkway can also be used by others who are not using the Metro as there are other events that often happen in the area.