New SMS Service for Dubai Metro

A new service was announced recently by the rail authority whereby a passenger can send a text/SMS to 5223 with the letter D and the code of the point they want information for and they will receive a text with details of the ‘next 3 incoming services’.

Albeit that any technological development that may help people in their use of the Dubai public transport system is to be applauded, we can’t help but wonder how useful this service is. When waiting in a Dubai Metro station, the times of the next trains are shown plainly on the electronic announcement boards. Also the trains are pretty frequent so you will never really have to wait long for a train so in what kind of situation would you want to use this information?

Maybe if you are outside the station or on your way there and you already know the code of the station you are going to then you can have advance warning if you are just about to miss a train but really unless you are in a great hurry to get somewhere is it really needed?

Perhaps a much better use of funds would be an update of the Wojhati service which we have not often found to be very helpful in planning journeys, as it often suggests locations that are nowhere near the ones that you are looking for.

If you have had a different experience of Wojhati or perhaps you think that the SMS messaging service might be useful then please let us know!

2 thoughts on “New SMS Service for Dubai Metro”

  1. It would be much more useful if you published the Platform numbering system so we could actually use the service.

    1. Hi Martin, I don’t have that kind of information, you would have to contact the RTA for full info on the new service.

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