Annual Transport Day – Free Travel on Dubai Metro

For the 3rd consecutive year, the RTA has announced that there will be a day of free public transport on the occasion of the anniversary of their organisation tomorrow. This has also happened on the last two years on 1st November. The free public transport day has become particularly important to try and get more people to use the Dubai Metro. Although the Metro has been successful in getting a lot of cars off the roads of Dubai, there is still plenty of scope to convert road users to the Dubai Metro for the daily commute.

One addition this year to the Free Public Transport Day is that the RTA will be offering up prizes to people who use the Dubai Metro on 1st November, to encourage even more people onto the trains. The prices include Nol cards, bicycles and even iPads which can be won through various competitions including submitting photos to the RTA’s facebook page.

The free public transport will include the public buses and the water buses as well as the Dubai Metro but there is no indication right now that it will include the Palm Monorail or the Dubai Ferry which are more geared towards tourist trips rather than commuting.

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